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Sam Marlowe
Wednesday, 12 August 2020
In a purgatorial summer, this boisterous, camp and chaotically charming musical is a tonic. It’s a winning combination of slick and slapdash, performed before a masked, socially...
Adam Sweeting
Wednesday, 12 August 2020
During World War Two, President Franklin D Roosevelt described the USA as “the arsenal of democracy”. Only a couple of decades later, Fidel Castro was busily turning Cuba, only...
Miranda Heggie
Wednesday, 12 August 2020
Lockdown, perhaps more than any other time, has amplified how modern technology can be both a blessing and a curse. Of course, it’s wonderful to have the means to connect with...
Thomas H Green
Wednesday, 12 August 2020
Although Metallica are screening a freshly recorded concert across America’s drive-in cinemas at the end of the month, we’re no nearer to actual gigs anywhere, especially the UK....
Lisa-Marie Ferla
Wednesday, 12 August 2020
One of the most evocative tracks on James Dean Bradfield’s second solo album is hardly his at all. The Manic Street Preacher takes “La Partida”, a haunting, finger-picked melody...
Sarah Collins
Tuesday, 11 August 2020
TW: This article discusses suicide, suicidal ideation, antidepressants and self-harm We first meet Nora Seed, “nineteen years before she decides to die”, as she plays chess...
Sebastian Scotney
Monday, 10 August 2020
It has taken a good half decade for the Dutch series Overspel (The Adulterer) to make it on to TV screens in the UK. Its 32...
Aleks Sierz
Monday, 10 August 2020
Wowee! Twenty weeks after the last time I set foot in a theatre, I was able to visit a venue once more. Hello again Donmar!...
Boyd Tonkin
Monday, 10 August 2020
As Dvořák’s "Song to the Moon" from Rusalka rose to its impassioned climax, Natalya Romaniw had to battle a helicopter...
Liz Thomson
Monday, 10 August 2020
It’s exciting to come to an album with no preconceptions and no context and find you fall immediately in love with it. Tanya...
Daniel Lewis
Sunday, 09 August 2020
Poet Sharon Dolin’s memoir Hitchcock Blonde ends (no spoilers) in the same way as the famous English director’s Vertigo...
Kieron Tyler
Sunday, 09 August 2020
Whether explicitly or indirectly, what’s written on a master tape box can tantalise. Revealing part of a picture creates a...
Graham Rickson
Sunday, 09 August 2020
Every great artist can have an off day, and the the best moments in Eureka’s latest collection of Buster Keaton features are...
David Nice
Saturday, 08 August 2020
Nostalgia of all kinds played a part in this summer evening’s divertissement. Some audience members were probably...
Matt Wolf
Saturday, 08 August 2020
We first see Leigh (Frankie Box), the cheeky heroine of Scottish writer-director Eva Riley’s debut feature Perfect 10,...
India Lewis
Saturday, 08 August 2020
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, there has been a collective examination of its past, with Nobel Prize-winner...
Joe Muggs
Saturday, 08 August 2020
This documentary is bittersweet viewing on quite a number of levels. First, it’s got all the glory and tragedy of the most...
Graham Rickson
Saturday, 08 August 2020
 William Dawson: Negro Folk Symphony, Ulysses Kay: Fantasy Variations, Umbrian Scene ORF Vienna Radio Symphony...
Barney Harsent
Saturday, 08 August 2020
After 2016’s A Shot in the Light, DJ, producer and Disco Halal labelrunner Chen Moscovici has leaned full-tilt into synth-...

★★★★ ALEX HALBERSTADT: YOUNG HEROES OF THE SOVIET UNION The terrible power of the past

★★★★ BLINDNESS, DONMAR WAREHOUSE A beautifully haunting parable

★★★★★ THE ENCORE, OPERA HOLLAND PARK Stylish return for a squad of old friends

★★★★★ THE ADULTERER, CHANNEL 4 Atmospheric, addictive and bingeworthy

★★★★ MATT HAIG: THE MIDNIGHT LIBRARY An uplifting modern parable

★★★★ BUSTER KEATON: THREE FILMS, VOL 3 Another trio of full length comedies, mostly excellent

★★★★ TANYA DONELLY AND THE PARKINGTON SISTERS Classic songs reborn with strings and harmonies

disc of the day

Album: James Dean Bradfield - Even In Exile

Manic Street Preacher finds moments of beauty in life of Chilean revolutionary


Cuba: Castro vs the World, BBC Two - turbulent life and times of El Comandante

How Fidel Castro exported revolution to the oppressed masses

The Adulterer, Channel 4 review - atmospheric, addictive and bingeworthy

This top-quality Dutch series from 2011-15 deserved to be seen sooner

Everything: The Real Thing Story, BBC Four review - brilliant but long overdue

The breakthrough Liverpudlian band's story told lovingly and not before time


Blu-ray: Buster Keaton: Three Films, Vol. 3

Three more full length comedies, mostly excellent

Perfect 10 review - a small movie with a big heart

Eva Riley's debut feature is by turns sentimental and spiky

An American Pickle review - sweet and sour screwball comedy

Seth Rogen doubles up for a time-hopping tale that sets the past against the present

new music

Album: James Dean Bradfield - Even In Exile

Manic Street Preacher finds moments of beauty in life of Chilean revolutionary

New Music Unlocked 5: Biffy Clyro, Rave the Vote, Little Simz and AJ Tracey

What to look out for online during the week ahead in music

Album: Tanya Donelly and The Parkington Sisters

Classic songs reborn with strings and harmonies


Classical CDs Weekly: William Dawson, Ulysses Kay, Janáček, Norwegian Trombone Ensemble

20th century American orchestral music, Czech pianism and four trombones

A masked elegy: portraits of string players at the Fidelio Orchestra Café

Young talent captured by Nick Rutter during sessions for Strauss's 'Metamorphosen'


The Encore, Opera Holland Park review - stylish return for a squad of old friends

A moving and delightful al fresco feast of opera favourites

Heart's Delight, Opera Holland Park review - a classy hour of operetta pops

Five fine singers and a small orchestra deliver hits at a high level

Moses und Aron, Komische Oper Berlin, OperaVision review – complex and powerful memorial

Schoenberg’s opera of unanswerable questions proves a fitting Holocaust epitaph


Fanny and Stella, Garden Theatre review - a saucy slice of queer history
This rambunctious fringe musical serves up a fascinating true story with charm and pizazz
Blindness, Donmar Warehouse review - a beautifully haunting parable
Simon Stephens and Juliet Stevenson create the perfect installation for our times
Imagine... My Name is Kwame, BBC One review - interesting but incomplete
Profile of Young Vic artistic director could go still further


'She was Paris': RIP Zizi Jeanmaire (1924-2020)

Ballet or cabaret, Zizi's passion was for performance - preferably with her husband

Dancing at Dusk: A Moment with Pina Bausch’s 'The Rite of Spring' review - an explosive African rite

Continents collide in a film documenting an inspired re-staging of a 20th-century masterpiece

'If they had been any closer my face would have misted up': filming 'Men at the Barre'

The director Richard Macer had exclusive access to the male stars of the Royal Ballet. He describes what he discovered


Rage 2 review – garish but great post-apocalyptic shooter

Challenge The Authority in this 'Mad Max on mushrooms' renegade romp

World War Z review - bloodthirsty fun with the zombie apocalypse

Chainsawing the brain-eaters as you battle against the tide of the undead

The Lego Movie 2 Videogame review - everything is not awesome

Few fresh ideas means this movie adaptation treads the same old ground

visual arts

George IV: Art & Spectacle, The Queen's Gallery review - all is aglitter

A sumptuous display from the Royal Collection heralds a top class reopening

Khadija Saye: In This Space We Breathe, 236 Westbourne Grove review - a celebrated series finds new resonance

The artist's most celebrated works launch a new public art project in west London

The Golden Age of Modern Spanish Art, Colnaghi review - the sun shines in the City of Light

A celebration of little known Spanish painters as the London art world emerges again

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