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Movie Gallery: Océans | reviews, news & interviews

Movie Gallery: Océans

Movie Gallery: Océans

An odd kettle of fish from Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzard's marine documentary

To accompany Anne Billson's review of Océans, the new documentary from the men behind Winged Migration, we present a line-up of fishy customers from the film, including the two directors, the Jacques Cluzaud and Perrin. Real or fake, verité or Photoshop? Click on the images below to enlarge them and draw your own conclusions.

1. Aurelia jellyfish

2. Green turtle

3. Ball of mackerel

4. The co-directors of Océans, Jacques Cluzaud (left) and Jacques Perrin

5. Bottle-nosed dolphin

6. Adelie penguin

7. Walruses

8. California sea lion

9. Weddell seals

10. Golden jellyfish

11. Shoal of fish

12. Filming underwater

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