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CD: JuJu - In Trance | reviews, news & interviews

CD: JuJu - In Trance

CD: JuJu - In Trance

Justin Adams and Juldeh Camera turn it up to 11 with exhilarating results

Another thing that now makes this band seem more like a band in the rock'n'roll sense is the addition of Dave Smith and Billy Fuller on drums and bass respectively. What this effectively does is shift the music from the intimate to the epic; from “world music” polite to rock powerhouse. Some fans may miss the more subtle polyrhythmic sound they had with percussionist Salah Dawson Miller, but what they’ve lost in subtlety they’ve perhaps gained in accessibility.

When I saw them perform with this line-up at a small basement bar a few weeks ago, I could imagine rock festival crowds across the planet hearing this potent mix of Adams’s grounding blues/rock guitar and Camara’s powerfully Fulani-language vocals and dipping, diving flights of ritti, and not knowing what hit them. So are JuJu the future of rock'n'roll? I don’t see why not, if those festival crowds are open-minded and/or stoned enough. For what they’re doing here is not a million miles from some of the progressive/psychedelic rock you might have heard in the early 1970s (in a good way, I hasten to add).

Watch a video of JuJu performing “Nightwalk”

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