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DVD: Jan Švankmajer's Alice | reviews, news & interviews

DVD: Jan Švankmajer's Alice

DVD: Jan Švankmajer's Alice

A re-release of the great Czech animator's first full-length film


Alice (1988), directed by Jan Svankmajer. This psychoanalytically inclined visually uncompromising detail-study of repetitive structures of fantasy features metaphors of size highly relevant in our consumerist Western society, while engaging the Victorian esthetics of mechanical precision and conservation of sensual experiences. Objects appear in a metonymical relationship to the body consciousness as excisions from the unifying reflection, thus overtaking the entire field of awareness. Fragmentation of consciousness is depicted through the object-subject analogies such as: porcelain doll- curios girl-child, voracious rodent- favorite stuffed toy, locked drawer- the unconscious, key that opens the locks-sexual awakening, cakes decorated with peeled almonds-earthly pleasures transforming the self-perception of the girl. The refined directorial vision with precise points of reference and grotesque staging of automatons and mechanical toys inhabiting and escaping child’s fantasy of an abstract order ruling the life outside her enclosed existence, lend the uncanny beauty to this highly imaginative adaptation of the Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Marija, is this a spoof of the worst academic writing or for real?

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