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Pulse, BBC Three

Pulse, BBC Three

Half-promising pilot for a new hospital horror series

'Grey's Anatomy' it ain't: the interns in BBC Three's hospital horror pilot 'Pulse'
Call me a grumpy old man if you like, but on an average week it can be hard to see the point of BBC Three - unless the point is for an overly expansionist state broadcaster to patronise the nation’s youth as a generation of weight- and Wag-obsessed delinquents with an unhealthy taste for autism and Asperger’s. But then on rare good weeks – or perhaps even years - along comes an original show like Little Britain, Being Human or Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts which suggest that maybe, just maybe, all that investment has been worthwhile. Pulse, the pilot for a potential new hospital horror series, hints at such promise.

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I really enjoyed this! I loved Stephan Campbell Moore, his character was totally bazaar and haunting, I really hope that this drama continues. It has everything that a drama needs, just that little bit scarier and darker; which is what telly is missing. I'm really into it and I really wonder what is going on with all of the characters; especially Nick. Rachel's mum that kept popping up gave me the chills and I thought it was because she was dead and obviously Rachel has not got past her mothers death and I want to know why she is hidden away in the bowels of the hospital, still alive! Is she projecting herself to Rachel, asking for help of some kind? Then those things/the thing in the stomachs of Nick and the cancer patient? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue. On the downside - I watched it with my mum and she was scared of it, didn't particularly enjoy it. I think that if this get the go-ahead that it should be on at a later time.. perhaps 10pm or later. I'm 17 and this sort-of program will appeal to the younger generation like myself; a website for this is a must, also interviews from the cast - really digitalise it. The story is ace, and must be shown! Ta much for making such a pilot, looking forward to the rest!! Nell

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