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Would I Lie to You? BBC One | reviews, news & interviews

Would I Lie to You? BBC One

Would I Lie to You? BBC One

Call My Bluff, The Next Generation, turns lying into a very funny art

The crew of the Starship Deception about to lie as no one has lied before Copywrite Endemol

The fact that we humans are, technically speaking, bad liars proves that we are instinctively moral creatures (rather than getting our morals from our god or our parents) and that lying is therefore, evolutionarily speaking, probably a bad idea. You can get away with saying you were caught in traffic, rather than admitting you were in the pub, but a polygraph will pick up on changes in blood pressure, pulse and respiration - those indicators of anxiety you’d rather not be feeling - and your goose will be cooked. But imagine how much more difficult it would be if the lie you were telling had just been given to you on a card, and you had to elaborate on it, on the spot, in response to quick-fire questioning.

At times the intensity of their quick-fire banter makes QI look like Countdown

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