fri 20/07/2018

New releases on CD & DVD

CD: Pram - Across the Meridian

Thomas H Green

Birmingham outfit Pram achieved profile amongst alt-music connoisseurs shortly after the millennium. They’d been going for over a decade but their weird-masked presentation and spooked, abject music suddenly struck a chord.

CD: Daron Malakian and Scars on Broadway – Dictator

Ellie Porter

System of a Down guitarist and vocalist Daron Malakian isn’t going to let a little thing like his band going on an extended hiatus get in the way of releasing new music.

CD: Juniore - Magnifique

Kieron Tyler

At 29 minutes, the second album from Paris’s Juniore is short. But as it makes its point, it’s hard to hear how it needs to be longer. Magnifique...

DVD/Blu-ray: The Piano

Graham Rickson

The first words we hear in The Piano are the thoughts of Holly Hunter’s Ada, and they set up the film’s premise perfectly: “I have not spoken since I...

CD: Drake - Scorpion

Matthew Wright

This is Drake’s account of his astrological sign, the only one to be represented in multiple forms: an eagle and phoenix as well as the poisonous...

CD: Cowboy Junkies – All That Reckoning

Ellie Porter

The band returns with a woozy, occasionally shining album

DVD: New Town Utopia

Graham Rickson

Off-beat celebration of post-war British town planning

CD: Lotic - Power

Joe Muggs

Texan Berliner making music of extraordinary power, modernity and radical pleasure

DVD/Blu-ray: Woodfall - A Revolution in British Cinema

Graham Fuller

A box-set dedicated to the work of the film company that shook British cinema out of its middle-class, post-colonial torpor

CD: Rick Astley - Beautiful Life

Thomas H Green

Can our reviewer admit their true feelings for the latest from the squeaky-clean Eighties pop star?

CD: Dirty Projectors – Lamp Lit Prose

Owen Richards

Crisp and inventive production shine through a musical odyssey

CD: Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch - Époques

Kieron Tyler

Jarring juxtapositions on minimalist pianist-composer’s second album

CD: Laurel Halo - Raw Silk Uncut Wood

Joe Muggs

A small but perfectly formed example of the state of the ambient art

DVD: The Nile Hilton Incident

Owen Richards

A tale of murder and corruption on the eve of revolution

CD: Big Narstie - BDL Bipolar

Matthew Wright

Upcoming entertainment star with a colourful variety album

CD: Years & Years - Palo Santo

Thomas H Green

Second album from 2015's breakthrough pop stars shows no sign of quality slippage

Blu-ray: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Graham Rickson

Wes Anderson's undervalued piscine romp returns

CD: The Alarm - Equals

Russ Coffey

Hand-on-heart Eighties rockers return with their distinctive brand of anthemic rock

CD: DevilDriver - Outlaws 'Til the End Vol 1

Thomas H Green

Full pelt metal blitzkrieg on a bunch of country classics

DVD: Al Berto

Tom Birchenough

A poet emerges in the sensuous aftermath of Portugal's 1975 revolution

CD: Florence + the Machine - High As Hope

Guy Oddy

Florence Welch takes stock and reflects on family relationships

CD: Roo Panes - Quiet Man

Liz Thomson

Designer folk that tries too hard

CD: Gorillaz - The Now Now

Owen Richards

Damon Albarn moves front and centre in a surprisingly upbeat record

DVD: Mansfield 66/67

Thomas H Green

Snappy, trashy and enjoyable poke around the life and death of a Hollywood bombshell

CD: Beth Rowley - Gota Fría

Jo Southerd

Raw, intimate rebirth album with a generous helping of rock, blues and Americana

CD: Ray Davies - Our Country: Americana Act II

Russ Coffey

Ex-Kink takes us on another rip-roaring journey around the USA

CD: Let's Eat Grandma - I'm All Ears

Thomas H Green

Second album from eccentric teenage Norfolk duo takes them intriguingly close to pop

DVD/Blu-ray: Let the Sunshine In

Markie Robson-Scott

Slim pickings in Paris: Claire Denis directs Juliette Binoche in a quest for the right man

CD: Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch

Ellie Porter

Trent Reznor treads old ground in new, sober, boots


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CD: Pram - Across the Meridian

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