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Beyond Ink: Authors and Their Websites | reviews, news & interviews

Beyond Ink: Authors and Their Websites

Beyond Ink: Authors and Their Websites

Does an author's website reveal the writer or the fans?

J K Rowling's semi-spooky website: a way to put all the lore into one basket

Your browser could search a long time for There are some writers, it is plain, who are not the web type. I find it hard to envision a site garnished with a picture of a smiling – scowling – Roth standing outside his Connecticut farmhouse, beckoning web traffic to read his latest blog post (“My new year’s resolutions”) or even providing a biography beyond the terse notes on his flyleaves. An author who is reclusive in life is unlikely to be prodigious online. You would not define these solely as “literary” writers, but the high priests of prose style are not often found in the world of LOL.

I’m thinking of starting my own web site. I must find out what a web site is exactly.

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