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Michael McIntyre, Wembley Arena | reviews, news & interviews

Michael McIntyre, Wembley Arena

Michael McIntyre, Wembley Arena

Middle-class stand-up laughs all the way to the bank

“Got a mortgage.” Thus spake Michael McIntyre last night. It’s an article of faith for McIntyre - an all but unique selling point - that he is one of us. He wears a suit to work and doesn’t think about al-Qaeda that much. How many other comedians do you come across who remind you even vaguely of you? Where most stand-ups are weird or ugly or angry or hairy or epically rude (or all of the above), McIntyre is groundbreakingly normal, boy-next-door bourgeois. The jokes are all about the things all of us do - in the shops, in the kitchen, the bedroom. But not in the office. In what other profession, he wonderfully observed, do you get summoned back by applause to put in an extra 10 minutes the moment you finish your shift?

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I don't understand the people who don't like him. He's hilarious!!! And all the comedians who criticise him especially... "Michael McIntyre never uses any original material, he has no mind of his own. Now here's my impression of his entire show but I think mine's better." Hypocrites! Oh well - anyone with any sense knows he's legend, so...

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