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Mugabe and the White African | reviews, news & interviews

Mugabe and the White African

Mugabe and the White African

Out of Africa: the man who stood his ground against Robert Mugabe

Mike Campbell on his mango farm in Zimbabwe, a target of Mugabe's Land Reform Programme
He thought he owned his property - he had the title deeds to it, after all - but suddenly the ground shifted under his feet and there came an aggressive bid to snatch his home away. His savings became worthless in the economic chaos; the social order was crumbling. The nightmare has become all too familiar over the last 18 months. But in Mike Campbell's case there was a further cruel turn of the screw: he lived in Zimbabwe. Recently named Best British Documentary of 2009 and shortlisted for an Oscar, this film tells the remarkable story of how Campbell singlehandedly took Robert Mugabe to an international court to defend his right to his farm; and won.

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I feel no sympathy for the South African army captain Mike Campbell and his British son in law Ben Freeth because I watched Freeth interviewing Campbell on youtube. Have a look and watch Campbell telling the world "if they want to eat they need to have white farmers". I watched the "documentary" they call "Mugabe and the White African" and after watching the work of Ben Freeth on youtube I come to the conclusion that the directors of the "documentary" are Ben Freeth and Mike Campbell and not Lucy Bailey and Andrew Thompson.

I feel that Mike Cambell should not be treated like this Mr Mugabe should be ashamed of himself I think he is no better than Hitler, I am a Blackman and feel so sorry for whats happening in this world.

The world has forgotten that there is still a huge human rights war in Zimbabwe. This story is of one man and his farm, there are many more who are going through the same experience, including the beatings by Mugabe's followers and with his knowledge. Mugabe has for many years now simply made his own laws to ensure he gets what he wants, at the expense of the people of Zimbabwe and the economy of the country. Just because Zimbabwe is in Africa, doesn't mean that so called 'black' Africans 'own' it. - it belongs to all people who live and work for its good, be they black, brown, grey or white. It's Remembrance weekend - let's not forget Zimbabwe and the many who have died because of 'Mr' Mugabe's reign of terror.

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