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Grumpy Guide to the Eighties, BBC Two | reviews, news & interviews

Grumpy Guide to the Eighties, BBC Two

Grumpy Guide to the Eighties, BBC Two

The grumpiness could have been a lot more incisive

The horror, the horror! Kajagoogoo's Limahl

“The Eighties – where do you bloody well start?” Geoffrey Palmer’s lugubrious voiceover seemed even more world-weary than usual as this hour-long special on the decade everyone loves to hate began. And I felt for him, I really did. Because I am, appropriately enough, the grumpy old hack who's not at all happy to be assigned the task of revisiting this decade in which, it has to said, just about everything was shite. But let’s get one thing clear. I hated this decade at the time, unlike most of the minor-celebrity talking heads hired to give their 10 pence worth on this show.

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Must admit I thought it was very weak. How the young male comedian with the black hair could comment on the '80's was beyond me. By my calculations he would have been 9 in 1989, so could they have got someone a bit older with a better take on events. And crikey, what on earth has happened to Donna McPhail?

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