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Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2010, National Portrait Gallery | reviews, news & interviews

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2010, National Portrait Gallery

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2010, National Portrait Gallery

Annual exhibition shifts emphasis to different levels

'Child Prisoners, Ruyigi District, Burundi' by Tom Martin

The National Portrait Gallery was early in picking up on the momentum gathering around photography in 2003, and committed itself then to an annual prize for portraiture. Today it’s one of the most anticipated competition exhibitions in the UK, and always exciting, fascinating and memorable. For many of the 60 exhibited photographers, it is often life-changing. This year’s submission exceeded 6,000 entries, all physical prints as the gallery still fends off digital domination. Part of the fun of the show is spotting any new trends in style, technique or subjects.


"her unusually prominent, almost hermaphroditic genitalia"? No, I don't think so. Ladyparts come in all shapes and sizes.

I agree with doravale. It's sad to see that the Arts Desk - and a female journalist to boot - conforming to the myth of the "usual" nice-and-neat-and-tucked-away image of female genitalia. It's this fiction of "prominent" female genitalia being "unusual" that leads to many women feeling self-conscious and freakish about their own bodies and seeking needless and almost-barbaric cosmetic surgery to "correct" it. There is no "usual" kinf of genitalisa. The implicit message in this article is terrible. I mean, are you really suggesting that one kind of genitalia deemed erotic and another deemed only suggestive for a gynaecological examination?

Agree. Silly remarks. The shaved pubes but unshaved armpits are relatively unusual and maybe worthy of comment; but spare us these silly remarks. You need to get out more!

The prophesy fulfills itself - the most talked about picture...but is it a portrait? I guess that's the point. I read somehwere that this is the 'English Wife's" 16th public exhibition...we really are fascinated by her ladyparts!! By the way there are 59 other portraits to look at too!

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