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Collaboration between Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay of Tunng is a beautiful, odd little gift

LUMP: spine-tingling creativity

Ignore the associations that come with the name LUMP - this record is as far from leaden, dull and heavy as you can get. A dreamy, itchy collaboration between folk musicians Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay of Tunng, LUMP features vocals and lyrics by Marling and music, sound effects and "textures" by Lindsay. 

A furry man-creature – who looks a bit like the costumed prankster dad in the German film Toni Erdmann – sits mournfully on the cover, and is also the star of the oddly touching animated video accompanying fourth track "Curse of the Contemporary". The video sees the furry creature sitting alone in a grey warehouse, before the driving groove and shimmering vocals get him up and dancing to a backdrop of stars, palm trees and hot skies

Back to the album, a short, seven-song set clocking in at around 32 minutes. What LUMP lacks in running time, it more than makes up for in spine-tingling creativity and beauty. A crackly, static-laden intro kicks off first track "Late to the Flight", before guitars pick out the tune and Marling’s unmistakeable voice enters. "You look like a crooner in crisis," she deadpans. "Shaking your hips like a tart." 

A pulsating electro undercurrent sweeps along "May I Be the Light", with Marling’s layered vocals pierced by a haunting, crystalline wail declaring, "It’s a sign of the times… you know". A sensuous swampiness anchors "Rolling Thunder", before "Curse of the Contemporary", filled with shuffly drums and melodies that bring to mind Broken Bells, glimmering deserts, hot cars and the West Coast sun. 

The standout "Hand Hold Hero" evokes the sound Marling is famous for – dark, folky and snarling. Winding down with the rustling and bells of "Shake Your Shelter", a salty sea breeze of a song, LUMP ends with some spoken credits courtesy of Marling. It’s a nice, strange touch that makes the perfect end to a beautiful, odd little gift of a record.

What LUMP lacks in running time, it more than makes up for in spine-tingling creativity and beauty


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