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Concorde’s Last Flight, Channel 4 | reviews, news & interviews

Concorde’s Last Flight, Channel 4

Concorde’s Last Flight, Channel 4

How so many of us fell in love with arguably the greatest engineering feat of the 20th century

Why isn’t this aesthetically breathtaking, technologically unbeatable dream still in the air?

As an 11-year-old boy, I was awestruck from the first moment I saw Concorde on our three-channel black-and-white television, seemingly rearing up from its runway like a cyborg swan. At that age - and during that era - fact and fiction became vertiginously blurred when it concerned the fast-forward march of science and technology. While Factual-man was taking one slow-motion giant leap for mankind, Fictional-man was going where no man had gone before. And even if the US Enterprise did have warp-drive, our very own Concorde didn’t seem that far behind, as it hurtled through the blue at the proverbial speed of a bullet.

Nearly every stiff upper lip on display had lost much of its rigidity by the time the credits rolled'

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In Regards to the above, I too agree that the Concorde should be brought back. . . . Enough siad!!! My Dad was a pilot and I know he would have loved to see one gracing our skies, even to fly one. Excellent documentary by channel 4.

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