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Coronation Street 50th Anniversary, ITV1 | reviews, news & interviews

Coronation Street 50th Anniversary, ITV1

Coronation Street 50th Anniversary, ITV1

Gongs all round (almost) for a tear-jerking and action-packed live episode

Murder and mayhem on Coronation Street: The live 50th-anniversary episode was a triumph

Even as a confirmed fan of the soap, I would be lying if I said I tuned in to Coronation Street for great acting. Fantastic comedy, yes; brilliant writing - certainly. But routinely fine exposition of the dramatic art? Nah, although there are honourable exceptions when the occasion demands. But by crikey, did most of the cast pull it off last night in an hour-long live episode to mark the show’s 50th anniversary, part of a week entitled “Four Funerals and a Wedding”, involving a gas explosion, a tram crash on the iconic viaduct and an attempted murder.

‘Rather annoyingly John Stape’s evil tormentor Charlotte was not yet for the chop, as in the closing scenes a police officer pronounced her still alive’

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peter was never actually pronunced dead

Not a fervent follower of any soap - but - come on - this second (tonight - being Friday) broadcast was absolutely NOWHERE upon the richter scale of anything. As the cameras panned in upon each and every actor at the end of 'the episode' I was truly glad all the hyperbole had come to an end. It was nothing more than ridiculous wallowing in unreal everyday life - come on.....!

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