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Jamie's Dream School, Channel 4

Jamie's Dream School, Channel 4

Celebrities try to engage kids with more than just chalk'n'talk

Will these disaffected youngsters be top of the class at Jamie's Dream School?

You might justifiably argue that Jamie Oliver’s lack of academic prowess (he left school with just two GCSEs – we’re not told what in) did him no harm whatsoever. Yet he’s keen that youngsters today should be switched on to education in a way that he clearly wasn’t. So he’s recruited 20 kids to take part in Dream School – kids who, like him, all failed to attain the requisite five GCSEs at grade C and above. And he’s recruited some pretty impressive names to teach them.

Starkey must have intuited this aspiration for money without any discernable ambition, because he’d come armed with “bling”

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Another interesting show this. I makes me annoyed to see kids who spent most of their education slacking off to be awarded with this divine array of "heroes" to teach them. I would love it at school if we were treated to top of the range equipment and to be taught by some of the best "teachers" that you could ever have. I mean who better than Professor Winston to teach Science, dissecting a pig would be amazing! And then we see these kids who have no idea what they're being treated with. They just disrespect the teachers entirely, but if this the only way to accomplish these problems it better work. You never know, some of them might be as successful as Jamie himself.

Aside from R Winston, an assembly of the bossy and self-righteous, some of whom revel in the role, while others seem totally unaware that that's who they are.

As a member of the teaching profession, I have found that many of my colleagues have found the show to be completely out of sync with the reality of teaching. What it shows up is the old adage that 'those who can't, teach' is grossly wrong but being a television show I'm sure Jamie will turn both students and teachers around. For a satirical take on the week in education from a football angle, have a peek here >> Premier League Dream School

This show was a wonderful idea and when I saw the trailers for it I hoped that the students would be more engaged and willing to learn from the experts. However it actually presented of ungrateful, ignorant "kids" who did not realise how lucky they were to be presented with a golden oppourtunity to turn their downward spirraling lives in the right direction. They also had a funny interpretation of respect, that the teachers had to tip toe around them and not mention that they had failed their exams and that the teachers should work hard to earn their respect. I was taught to respect my elders especially when they are imparting knowledge to me. Those kids have to earn the respect they crave and stop acting like spoilt brats. They reminded of the kids I hated at school for disrupting mine and thousands of others learning experiences. I hope they learn some humility and respect for their elders.

What an absolute joke, some of these kids are a future drain on our hard paid benefit system. They are ungrateful and arrogant individuals and it is annoying in the fact that these excuses for kids are being given such a wonderful opportunity that other kids who actualy want to learn will never experience. I myself worked up my own company in construction to then develop epilepsy and be thrown back to a minimum wage position after being informed that I would receive no financial help towards re-education, yet human trash like this are given a chance to better themselves after wasting away their education. In my eyes they deserve nothing but a minimal wage position which they will have to work at if they want to better themselves.

As a child of school in the 60,s.a Mother of kids @school and now a Grandma following the Education thru my 2 take my Hat off 2 Jamie.2 have the care@understanding,,4 our Youth,2 actually Care...:-)xxxxxxx

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