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Opinion: Why can't the British make urban movies? | reviews, news & interviews

Opinion: Why can't the British make urban movies?

Opinion: Why can't the British make urban movies?

A movie trend more resilient than Rasputin rises again, twice in a week

As street as the Smurfs: 'Big Fat Gypsy Gangster' in a cinema near you. With luck, not for long

A spectre is haunting Britain - the spectre of a film called Big Fat Gypsy Gangster. Poised for release in just over a week’s time, this Ricky Grover vanity project is described generously as “Monty Python meets Snatch”, chronicling the life and times of Bulla, apparently “Britain’s hardest man”, as he roams over London with a shotgun, blowing the heads off his gangland opponents. It’s a crime comedy-drama for the ages, boasting performances from Peter Capaldi, Steven Berkoff and, less illustriously, comedian Omid Djalili, Tulisa from The X Factor, Big Mo from EastEnders as “Aunt Queenie” and a cameo appearance from fraudulent "psychic medium” Derek Acorah.

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Spot on, well informed and hugely entertaining - thanks. When will the Gervais juggernaut finally crash? At least they stuck the stupendously pretentious and silly In Bruges in...well, Bruges, and probably thought they were being subversive going against the grain of its prettiness.

A fantastic article, strong and witty, and some really good points made. I only hope that the release of Martin Kemp's directing debut, 'Stalker' can help to drag our poor country's film industry out of the gutter of egotistical and self indulgent 'vehicles' for 'British Talent'. But I'm not gonna lie to you - I can't wait for Strippers Versus Werewolves XD

Enjoyable article - I've long despaired at the drivel of British Gangster films full of the same old casts, uttering the same ol' 'frets. Could you possibly write a similar article on costume / period dramas as well please? If I see another country mansion / servant / debutant flick I might turn into Danny Dyer and go looking for some payback...

@David N: What's Gervais got to do with any of this?

My apologies: I skim-misread 'Ricky Grover' for 'Ricky Gervais'. Which I hope I would not have done going into official print rather than shooting off a comment. Funny how he's linked in my head with Bad British Movies, though it seems he's just as capable of being in Bad American Ones too.

Grover's Bulla character was always a joke at the celebrity gangster culture and one of the finest comic characters of recent years. And whoever says that a film needs to be important needs to switch off their affected mode once in a while, stop stroking their chin and just enjoy something for what it is.

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