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The best games of 2014? | reviews, news & interviews

The best games of 2014?

The best games of 2014?

Crystal ball gazing on what should be the most exciting games of 2014

'Titanfall': Walking tanks, jetpack infantry and over-the-top action from minds behind Call Of Duty

2013 was, according to Metacritic, the review scores aggregator site, the worst year for high-scoring videogames in a console generation. In other words, last year was really quite rubbish for videogames. Can 2014 do any better? Here's what might...

Game Of Thrones  Telltale Games have carved themselves a niche producing well-crafted episodic adventures that cleverly hide their multiple-choice mechanics behind buckets of atmosphere and production values. Next on their list is a series based on swords and shagging epic Game Of Thrones. If the Walking Dead games are a guide, this will be a must play. Stuart Houghton

No Man's Sky indie gaming 2014No Man's Sky  This ambitious space exploration game will feature an entire galaxy of procedurally-generated alien worlds and ecosystems packed with resources to exploit and secrets to uncover. Early screens suggest it will look gorgeous too, with artwork reminiscent of classic sci-fi paperbacks and Roger Dean album covers. SH

Kentucky Route Zero: Episode 3 (and more?)  We can't wait to find out where this intriguing series goes next. Cardboard Computer reckon Episode 3 is imminent, but will they conclude their magical realist road trip this year? SH

The Long Dark  This wintery survive-em-up has an impressive visual style reminiscent of a comic book but it is the combination of sandbox exploration and a strong story that we are looking forward to most. SH

Half Life 3 ‑ Because, why not? Nobody reads back to check these things do they? Seriously though, this year will see Half Life developers Valve launch the Steam Box - a PC-based console platform that could be serious potential rival to the PS4 and Xbox One. Can you imagine a better launch title? We doubt Valve can either.. SH & Simon Munk

Star Citizen from Chris Roberts of Wing Commander fameStar Citizen  Chris "Wing Commander" Roberts' deep space combat game has already raised over $35 million in crowd funding. It better be the best space combat game ever or that's going to be a lot of very upset gamers. SM

Elite: Dangerous  The infamous return of Elite, the greatest ever game on the BBC Micro, and also the greatest ever space exploration/trade/combat game. Should give Star Citizen a run for its money. SM

Titanfall  If one game looks set to showcase next-generation power and possibility, then this walking tanks and running-around-on-the-ground ludicrously over-the-top online action fest, by some of the original team behind Call Of Duty and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, is it. SM

Watch Dogs  Roam a stylishly cyberpunk futuristic city while hacking into local utilities and security apparatus. Watch Dogs could, in its scope and freedom, show an alternative use for those expensive new consoles. SM

Child Of Light  The team behind freeroaming first-person shooter Far Cry 3 follow it up with... a stylized side-scrolling role-playing hybrid, with art inspired by the anime of Studio Ghibli. That, at least, should be interesting. SM

Episode 3 is imminent, but will they conclude their magical realist road trip this year?

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