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Paradox, BBC One

Paradox, BBC One

Beeb's futuristic cop-opera lacks transatlantic pizazz

Tamzin Outhwaite as DI Rebecca Flint takes a drive with antisocial boffin Dr Christian King (Emun Elliott)
The best thing in Paradox so far has been the enormous explosion that provided the climax to episode one, as a train stranded on a railway bridge was incinerated by an erupting chemical tanker. A dramatic aerial shot captured an angry pillar of smoke and flames shooting hundreds of feet into the air, against a backdrop of lush Lancashire countryside.

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Personally, I would argue that the criticism of Paradox is a little too severe. I have watched both this and FastForward, but lost interest in the latter after 2 episodes. There are times when the length of US series can become too much of a commitment, especially those where, in theory, every programme contains some 'crucial information on the major arc'. Sometimes all you need is something short and sweet, which Paradox provides. You can have too much character revelation and multi episodic arc development. Irrespective of whatever criticism you can level at supposed plot incongruities etc, Paradox has kept me entertained for 4 weeks, and wanting to watch the next, and final, episode, which is more than can be said for 90% of current TV. That also includes all US imports. I watched the first series of Murder One with the same enthusiasm - gives away my age. but hopefully indicates that I do have standards!!

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