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Ai Weiwei, Lisson Gallery & Somerset House | reviews, news & interviews

Ai Weiwei, Lisson Gallery & Somerset House

Ai Weiwei, Lisson Gallery & Somerset House

The man may be in prison but his art makes two stellar shows

Ai Weiwei: 'Circle of Animals/ Zodiac Heads'Courtesy the artist and Somerset House

It is now 37 days since Ai Weiwei was detained at Beijing international airport by the Chinese authorities. His family and friends have heard nothing since. His lawyer, to whom under Chinese law he must have access, was arrested as well, and since his own release he too has heard nothing. Officially, unless charges are brought today, the period in which he can be held without charge expires. And yet, where is Ai Weiwei? The whereabouts of Ai Weiwei the man are unknown. In London, however, Ai Weiwei the artist makes two stellar appearances.

Words can be deleted' says Ai Weiwei, 'but the truth won't be deleted with them

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Yes, where is he, or rather when will he get out? The bronze heads are playful with active poses, excellent dragon. I disagree about the Sunflower seeds - making me think about the people of China, their history of craftsmanship and also issues of mass production. Audacious, very big and very small at the same time. Didn't see the image of AWW outside the Lisson and missed the marble camera, plus the moon piece. Generally didn't find this a user friendly gallery but glad for the chance to see the rest of it all the same

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