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2010: A Film Odyssey | reviews, news & interviews

2010: A Film Odyssey

2010: A Film Odyssey

The good, the bad and the ugly: Anne Billson reflects on her film-going year

My new role model, Dr Ronald Chevalier: Bestselling author, plagiarist and Gentleman Bronco

2010 will go down as the year I fell out of love with Johnny Depp. And not just because of his cringe-making Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, an over-produced farrago which reduced Lewis Carroll's dark Victorian whimsy to a dull computer gamelike chase-rescue-showdown scenario. The Deppster sealed the Double Whammy of Dreadfulness with his uncanny impression of naff comedian Rob Schneider in The Tourist, a would-be rom-com thriller that somehow sacrificed the romantic, comedic and thriller elements of its remit to fawning close-ups of the increasingly prognathic Angelina Jolie. If only it really had been Rob Schneider. Preferably in both roles.

My Least Favourite Trend of 2010 was 3-D. The spectacles hurt my nose

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Glad to see that someone shares my opinion of Rob Marshall!

How can you say all that crap about Johnny depp???! are you crazy?...Johnny is a good actor ,maybe he did that movie only for fun,nothing serious..and he is payed for this! he can do what he wants..and I will always love him and I will be in love with him.he is gorgeous and soooo cool! will gonna fall in love with him again

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