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Watcha Clan, Rich Mix

Watcha Clan, Rich Mix

A talented, versatile group just too keen to please everyone

Watcha Clan: They should stop trying to be all things to all music fans

Why do bands still insist on dabbling in drum’n’bass? It was always an absurd, overwrought style, even when it first assaulted our eardrums in the mid-1990s. It’s more like a technological malfunction of the drum machine than a natural, felt groove, hurtling along, as it tends to, at a ridiculous 200 beats per minute. Ironically, Marseilles’s Watcha Clan probably think it’s one of their strengths that they throw a couple of tracks into their live set powered by this anachronistic rhythm, but they are much more effective when utilising less familiar grooves.

Watcha Clan are at their best when they explore rhythms less familiar to Western audiences

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