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theartsdesk MOT: Dirty Dancing, Aldwych Theatre | reviews, news & interviews

theartsdesk MOT: Dirty Dancing, Aldwych Theatre

theartsdesk MOT: Dirty Dancing, Aldwych Theatre

An audience that's in love with the ghost of Patrick Swayze

'Dirty Dancing': a class-crossing romance where the Fifties meet the Sixties with alarm

I suspect that more than half the audience that goes to see Dirty Dancing on stage has seen the 1987 movie, and that quite a few of them have seen the stage version more than once. There’s a strange feeling of being at a party where everyone knows everyone, and the party’s held nightly at the same house. It surely is not the misleading title that accounts for the wildly enthusiastic flow of fans - there’s nothing dirty about this squeaky-clean story, and there’s not that much dancing either. No, it must be that eternal celluloid magic, the girlish fantasy of entering a favourite movie and touching Patrick Swayze’s ghost.

There is a rather dismaying range of acting ability, often the case in a show where dancing is needed

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As an American I have to disagree with the comments on the accents. Ray Quinn does a very authentic East Coast accent which doesnt drop throughout the show, which I have now seen twice with the new cast, once with family from the U.S. Johnny Wrights accent is distinctly Canadian, not U.S. I agree about his acting ability though which is not too convincing, and his rapport with Baby is lacking. The weakest accent is the actor playing Dr. Houseman, whose accent is weak and varies from British to U.S. a lot. I assume from the description of Ray Quinn, the author of this article dislikes him as a performer, a view not shared by the audiences when I was there. He was a thoroughly convincing actor, and sang superbly - we particularly enjoyed "Still of the Night" and I am surprised no mention was made of his singing, although if the author is biased, perhaps not. Mention should be made of Nadia Coote playing Penny and the actress playing Lisa, whose cameo hula number is terrific! Also the actor playing Neil Kellerman. We thoroughly enjoyed the show, which was very professional in our opinion, and would totally recommend it as an enjoyable evening out.

I agree with the above post.I have been to see the show 3 times with the present cast,and Ray's accent has been spot on everytime.Ray's vocal range is amazing in both In The Still Of The Night and I've Had The Time Of My Life,so for the reviewer to not have mentioned this I find strange.Ray is also an accomplished actor and this shows in his acting on stage.Ray is also a huge hit with the audience everytime he appears.I do agree that Johnny Wrights acting is most of the time quite wooden,and there is no real depth of emotion,he just speaks the lines,but doesn't really convey the emotion behind them.I too also think a mention should be made of Nadia Coote as her portrayal of Penny is brilliant.

I wonder if the author of the article I Brown even went to see Dirty Dancing. I have to say that no mention was made of the brilliant Ray Quinn's singing and acting and the carissma he portrays and the rapport he has with the audience every night. His accent was absolutely spot on. The lovely Nadia Coote was fantastic. The ensemble dancers were great and very intricate moves were made to look easy. I agree that Johnny Wright's overall acting was very disappointing and lacked sincerity, but his dancing was fine. All in all I loved the show and have booked to go again I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show.

i went to see the show two weeks ago and I loved it. My main criticism would be given to Johnny Wright whose acting seemed stilted and without emotion, however his dancing was brilliant. His accent was definitely Canadian and not east coast American. Ray Quinn's accent was, in my opinion, spot on. There were two Americans behind me who couldn't believe he wasn't actually American, so, to me, that says it all. Ray's singing was also superb, after he sang 'In the still of the night' you could have heard a pin drop and then the whole audience erupted and gave him the best applause of the whole night. I would also like to mention Hanna Vassalio (baby), Nadia Coote (Penny) and Caroline Haines(Lisa) who where all excellent as well as the whole ensemble. Overall I loved the show and would love to go again.

What a negative review of such a fantastic show. I went to see it on August 2nd and was buzzing when I left. I have booked to see it again twice !. Although I was a bit disappointed with Johnny Wright's acting, I thought Ray Quinn was superb in every aspect of his role - his acting, singing, and accent were all spot on. He was the star of the show for me and certainly got the biggest cheer from the audience every time he appeared on stage. I think perhaps that the author is just a little bit jealous of Ray !

I saw this show on Saturday night (16th October 2010) and I couldn't disagree more in relation to Johnny's acting. I thought he was spot on. I didn't think anyone could live up to Patrick Swayze's character but Johnny did it without fail. His rapport with Baby was electrifying and I couldn't take my eyes off them. He was without a doubt the star of the show and I would love to see it again.

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