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Accolade, Finborough Theatre | reviews, news & interviews

Accolade, Finborough Theatre

Accolade, Finborough Theatre

A rediscovered play offers a timely critique of social hypocrisy

Menage à trois: Rona (Saskia Wickham) cuddles up with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Emlyn Williams may have been dubbed the “Welsh Noël Coward” and the action of his long-neglected Accolade may take place in a drawing room, but there’s little of the smiling social comedy to be found here. Trading sparkling cocktails and repartee for whisky and unpalatable truths, Williams’s play exposes the pinstriped hypocrisy of 1950s society – a society that will press its powdered cheek to all manner of sordidness in the name of Art, while recoiling from even a passing acquaintance with the workaday squalor of its members. Frank, and more than a little apt, the result is a stylish morality play that smuggles a progressive liberal agenda in under its cassock.

In a performance of whispering, oozing bitterness as failed blackmailer Daker, The Archers’s Graham Seed pulls off a minor miracle

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