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CD: Beady Eye - Different Gear, Still Speeding | reviews, news & interviews

CD: Beady Eye - Different Gear, Still Speeding

CD: Beady Eye - Different Gear, Still Speeding

Can Oasis's prodigal son come good?

Beady Eye: About as psychedelic as tar

This isn't an awful album. It even starts really well. The opener, “Four Letter Word”, comes pounding in with the sort of jackbooted psychedelic rock attitude that Oasis always promised and so rarely delivered. Add a swooshy noise and it could almost be early Hawkwind, so fried-synapse rock'n'roll is it. Then comes “Millionaire”, which if you heard it blind you might accept as a lost track by The La's, so timelessly, northernly tuneful is it. But sadly, inevitably, comes “The Roller”, with all its excruciating Lennonisms leaking all over the place: a track that slams the face of creativity into the kerbstone again and again and again.


Any review that consists of more personal insults than there is chat of the actual music stands for abolutelly f**k all. Well done.

Yeah, your terribly wrong about this album. Many professional reviewers are giving this album the praise it deserves. Professional reviewers are saying this is Liam's best work since (Whats the Story) Morning Glory. Which basically means it is a success. You clearly don't like Beady Eye. You are judging from personal opinion rather than an in-depth look at the songs. Plus most of the songs are growers, you have to listen to them at least 3 times to really know if you like them.

Some might say that any album which conisists more of painful John Lennon impersonations than of anything original stands for not much more than that, Jack ;)

I thought he was pretty restrained considering. This is a brilliant review given the prohibitive word count.

I agree with David. How dare you base your review of this album by Beady Eye on your opinion of Beady Eye?

This album is The Rutles, isn't it?

Heard hear folks - horrible review. To the reviewers defense its almost impossible not to be subjective when talking about music... but still this is beyond that. Now let me have a go at being subjective: This album is brilliant, period!

the reviewer's correct, business as usual a la Gallagher; more sub-Beatles nonsense, the Emperor's New Clothes in full regalia in most other reviews!

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