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Mountain Gorillas, BBC Two/ Horsepower with Martin Clunes, ITV1 | reviews, news & interviews

Mountain Gorillas, BBC Two/ Horsepower with Martin Clunes, ITV1

Mountain Gorillas, BBC Two/ Horsepower with Martin Clunes, ITV1

Fabulous camerawork turned into Gorilla EastEnders

Mountain Gorilla: eats shoots and leaves, but will others leave it alone?BBC

People are lured to behave like animals for TV now - Big Brother, Celebrity Jungle, The X Factor - so it merely completes the idiotic equation to have animals insistently transfigured into little humans in wildlife TV. Or big, hairy humans in the case of mountain gorillas and Martin Clunes.

Someone - not a scientist, I bet, and in cahoots with tourism PRs - had written a script for Gorilla EastEnders

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I thought Horsepower was fantastic and Martin made the program, especially with his enthusiasm. Was lovely to see Martin do something about a huge hobbie of his, so what if he comes across all cuddily, I most certainly would and that's what he is and good on him. He's brilliant.

Horsepower blew me away especially the reference to a horse's ability to see if you have love in your heart. If you don't, they suspect that what exists is the ability to abuse them and they will not entertain you. Humans should learn from this - listen to your instincts.

Am really enjoying watching this, but would love to know what the theme music is, my mum in law would really like to buy a copy of the music but we cant see what it is called anywhere and will we be able to purchase it. shame horsepower is only on twice tho. Its so good.

Martin Clunes can do no wrong in whatever he does!! Brilliant actor lovely guy!!! Jeanie Drake

What a pity that Martin Clunes unquestioningly supported the cruelty of the rodeo where the horse is tormented into bucking which he seemed to find amusing.

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