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CD: Jessie J - Who You Are

CD: Jessie J - Who You Are

Can the Essex diva make an album to match her big personality?

Essex siren Jessie J looking more interesting than most of her songs sound

On paper Jessie J is an amazing pop star. Great looking but not willing to play the eager-to-please dollybird, full of cheeky Essex girl vim and verve, clearly musically multitalented, thoroughly immersed in soul and funk, and with a healthy pair of lungs to boot – as her early solo YouTube appearances (see below) amply demonstrated.

On paper Jessie J is an amazing pop star. Great looking but not willing to play the eager-to-please dollybird, full of cheeky Essex girl vim and verve, clearly musically multitalented, thoroughly immersed in soul and funk, and with a healthy pair of lungs to boot – as her early solo YouTube appearances (see below) amply demonstrated.


If I had money I would offer a prize of a million pounds to the first mainstream reviewer of pop, rap, R+B to actually demonstrate even the slightest knowledge of what is actually going on with all these household name acts (Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyonce, GaGa, Spears, Minaj, Jessie J, Paramore etc), which is to say what's really going on within the industry which controls them. Not wanting to be mean, I would also offer fantastic runner up prizes of £10,000 each to those reviewers who had the basic observational skills, pattern recognition and half a brain required to at least figure out that 'something's not right with this entertainment culture' - even if they're not quite sure what it is - based, if nothing else, on the fact that all these acts and their music videos/ stage shows/ award ceremonies display such a blatant, extreme, narrow and highly specific set of behaviours, themes, attitudes and imagery. And not just in isolation, but again and again and again in every song and video produced in their name. In case you haven't been paying attention to the actual content (both subliminal and in your face) of all these music videos, what we're talking about here is (in no particular order): Baphomet heads, freemasonic symbolism (including ritual initiations), objectification and dehumanization of humans (esp women), extreme violence, extreme materialism, extreme fixation with status/ hierarchy/ hive mentality/ reptilian brain behaviour, satanic imagery, illuminati symbolism and imagery (pyramids, all seeing eyes, covering up one eye etc), police state as fashion (use of militarized riot police as backing dancers etc), general subversion/ duality/ role reversal themes ('gay' pink guns and tanks, pain=pleasure, hot=cold, up=down etc), MK Ultra/ Project Monarch trauma based mind control symbolism (monarch butterflies, mirrors, shattered images, porcelain dolls, electroshock, animal print, puppets on strings, dissociation, floatation tanks/ cages/ traumatic torture etc), technology and transhuman propaganda (robots are friendly/ sexy/ fun/ better than us, the merging of machine and human = cool), sexual stereotype AND role reversal (women grabbing their crotches, toting guns etc etc), general infantile behaviour in adults (ie acting like spoiled children and defining that as 'cool') ..... all being downloaded into your children's minds 24/7. And this is all in the context of the complete ***absence*** of any other attitudes, themes, traits which would otherwise balance out the above list's insane monopoly on indoctrinating and programming our children's/ young people's minds to accept, emulate, embrace, admire, promote and generally live out all of these bizarre, negative and twisted things. But of course "it's only fashion, it's what we want, it's just entertainment". Anyone who actually believes such nonsense needs to actually study the industry and study history in general, especially in relation to how art and entertainment have always been used to steer society by the ruling elite, in every age. In fact if you believe the above statement (that it's just fashion etc) what you're basically saying is this: "For the first time in human history our art and entertainment culture is not being manipulated and controlled in order to control society attitudes, beliefs and behaviour, despite today's irresistibly all powerful and intrusive modern mass media technology and infrastructure - which also just happens to be falling increasingly under the control of just a handful of mega corporations, most of which just happen to also all be members of ultra elitist 'world conquering' organizations such as the CFR" And anyone who actually believes that ludicrous statement should probably not be writing reviews and ***validating*** such corporate trash without at least explaining to the young audience (and their parents) that today most corporate mass entertainment music (and movies etc) contains at least a degree of 'psychological warfare' designed to turn them into ideal corporate consumers at the very least - and in the longer term dumb them down into fully corrupted, fully brain dead NWO model citizens. (sheeple). This is not to say the (often young, naive, air headed, autotuned, puppet, totally 'managed') artists themselves are always fully aware of it themselves - although many clearly know exactly what they are involved in. After all, in this age, thanks especially to years of talent show indoctrination world wide, fame and being a 'fame monster' (AKA being an obedient asset to mega entertainment corporations who sign you up in exchange for massive media exposure, attention and thus 'celebrity') is now the only ambition - the entire goal of music, right? - and 'artistic integrity' or 'having something unique to say' or (gasp!) being 'outspoken and having intelligent, provocative, possibly even controversial views' has been almost totally erased from our collective cultural memory. Today's mass entertainment artists are generally required to express themselves only in terms of their youth, vibrancy, confidence (of the worst narcissistic variety) ..... the rest of the messages are taken care of by the corporations themselves. These artists are merely the acceptable vehicle for the corporate propaganda - after all, what 13 year old is going to listen to a sinister looking 40 something year old corporate exec type telling them to dress like a whore or think that being a 'stoopid' gangster type, with baggy trousers and an inability to critically think or express yourself in sentances is the best way to be assert your uniqueness as a human being and be successful in life? ... that's why they don't promote such messages directly and instead employ fresh faced young artists to promote exactly the same message on their behalf. Increasingly *children* are also being used (Spears, Cyrus etc). They start out all pink and sparkly (the mum's think this is wholesome and innocent and buy their kids all this stuff) and then these pink child starlets suddenly morph into oversexed, objectified, subservient, whores and lead millions of girls down that path like some pied piper of skankdom. "what's so wrong with teenage girls expressing your sexuality?" cries the media. Well, expressing your sexuality doesn't have to always mean being completely vacant in every other department, unable to hardly speak let alone have a conversation about politics, philosophy, life, real stuff. And expressing your sexuality doesn't have to mean being insanely competitive and neurotic - unless you want to spend your life endlessly shopping for products to raise your inevitably low self esteem and compete with all the other skanks .... oh wait, I get it now. Today more than ever, your typical music 'artist' (artist now redefined to mean obedient corporate asset) is typically just happy to be getting fame and attention and having people (often) write songs for them, and make videos for them and give them crazy outfits to wear. In other words they are happy to have giant faceless interlocking corporations control their entire career (image, message, meaning etc) and in doing so insert all manner of psychological/ subliminal tomfoolery into *their* product ... and then shove that product in our faces ensuring we are all saturated in the correct socially conditioning information ('information' is all a pop video is after all). Perhaps when these 'artists' are older they might understand what the industry is all about and what their role in it has been. They might go along with it or they might reject it. But by that stage they are easily disposed of anyway and replaced by a newer model. And on on we go! Seriously, it's time to wake up, wise up and most importantly of all: grow up! It's actually all a whole lot darker and more sinister in places than I describe. If you want to look deeper then let me start you off on your journey of awakening..... and let's stop buying into this insane load of nonsense! A more grown up article about Jessie J More articles here How and why are so many of our 'stars' and 'celebs' controlled and why do they always end up ('entertainingly') in rehab or going 'crazy' like Briteny etc? Answer: they are likely life long abuse victims, suffer MPD/ DID and possibly even under trauma based mind control.... many of the 'episodes' we read about are them simply trying to escape their cult like life of abuse. The Entertainment Industry Exposed Not Born This Way Hollywood MK Deception (part 1 of 28)

The CIA is beaming Jessie J into my brain. Fetch my tin-foil hat or it'll be the Manchurian Candidate all over again! At worst, Jessie J is a talented hack (but a hack none the less) pouring out hugely derivative pop that no-one will remember in 50 years. And that's OK, there is plenty of room in the world for hacks, they remind us just how good music can be when someone comes along and does something shatteringly good, or even something that is merely fresh and new. Anyone who believes that Jessie J is a part of a global music business conspiracy, probably needs to talk to a professional. Either medical or music industry, the doctor could provide medication and a 5 minute talk with a music business executive would disabuse anyone of the thought that the industry could organise a party in a brewery, let alone a global conspiracy.

Get a life pop mum, lol Go outside or summat!!

Rather predictably, I see I'm being attacked by crazy, television watching 'coincidence theorists'. OK, I will do my best to respond to you both (if only for the sake of anyone else reading this with a more open mind). First of all I *am* very relaxed thanks. I think you are confusing 'stress' or 'ranting' with writing thoughtfully and passionately about serious things like the corporate indoctrination of children and abuse of (child) celebrities. I'm sure compared to a typical evening's TV schedule or 'arts and culture' pull out supplement I do come across as a bit too serious and 'ranting', but perhaps that says more about the current state of TV schedules and newspapers today than it does about me. As for the other comment - yes, yes what a 'hilarious' image: the CIA beaming Jessie J into people's brains. Ha ha. Obviously you have difficulty taking my comment seriously too, with its themes of childhood sexual abuse, trauma based mind control, DID/ MPD, mass mind control, social engineering etc. Of course the irony is that when a society has been raised by a sufficiently dumbed down mass media to be generally incapable of having grown up conversations about anything serious and is only capable of making wisecracks instead, one might say that that society is already under mass mind control and therefore susceptible to all sorts of tyranny..... banking scams, false flag terrorism, illegal wars, a creeping police state, further dumbing down etc ... after all how better to conquer a nation than encourage them to simply stop caring or thinking anymore (except about things like who the next X-factor judges will be)? Or stop believing it is even possible to be manipulated, controlled or conquered that way! And such a strategy ensures that those who *do* care, and maybe even know a little, about real life things and are still capable of thinking critically will just be ridiculed by those that don't and who can't. I bet everyone reading this (myself included) could fill out a list of 10 celebs and give a quick biography of each. Yet how many people have even *heard* of the Tavistock Institute? ..... The what? And so while I actually agree that some here-today-gone-tomorrow, corporate manufactured, bland pop star may indeed be harmless *in isolation* ... I am suggesting that even blandness can become a deadly mass mind control weapon if you force feed society with enough of it, day after day after day.... (BTW 'mass mind control' and 'trauma based mind control' are two very different things - google if it helps) And when virtually every car, household appliance, magazine, gadget etc uses a bland looking model to help sell it (usually young, pretty and female), what makes you think that no one even think to use the same technique to 'sell' indoctrination/ propaganda? And in this way these artists are just happy to get noticed, to get paid, to get famous - they're not (necessarily) even aware of what they're being used to 'sell'. I haven't actually seen the 'Manchurian Candidate' movie you mention, but in general terms it struck me as telling (and rather poignant) that in a conversation about indoctrination and propaganda by the entertainment industry that you should reference a *Hollywood movie* of all things in an attempt to dismiss my real world evidence and facts - rather than talk about the real world evidence and fact themselves. You might like to pause a moment and think about that one. (... because .... if Hollywood can make pretty much any *subject* seem ridiculous and far fetched simply by making a ridiculous and far fetched movie *about* that subject, then.... oh yes!) And while you're at it you may like to ponder why at least half of all Hollywood films seem to be about some 'problem' requiring an insanely over the top 'heroic' military/ police state based solution as the only possible answer. And why the Pentagon freely admits having its own department which 'reworks' Hollywood scripts in return for free lending of military equipment (tanks, fighter jets etc) to the movie studios. And then you might like to ponder how many kids would have signed up to the military to help the genocide of over a million people (including kids just like themselves) in illegal wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan (and possibly have their legs blown off in the process too) had Hollywood NOT shown them decades' worth of war/ militaristic propaganda movies relentlessly, where war and killing is simplified and the hero always comes home to celebrations and a waiting girl blah blah .... what if instead Hollywood has spent the last 60 years relentlessly shown the devastating reality of human beings being forced to kill fellow human beings, just for the empire expansion and war profiteering of the banking elite who fund such enterprises, and manipulate them, all from a safe distance? You seem to scoff at the idea of indoctrination via entertainment but maybe, just maybe, the decades' worth of Hollywood dumbing down of war into 'goodies' and 'baddies' and mindless, unquestioning patriotism contributed to the fact that 77% of US troops leaving for the Iraqi invasion in 2003 believed that it was Saddam Hussein who had actually been responsible for 9/11 and that was why they were invading Iraq. I suggest you watch both of the films on this website: But in all seriousness, I don't really blame you for your defensive reaction to my comment (ie attack the messenger, deny everything and refuse to discuss the actual observations rationally - or at all - while offering no alternative explanation for them either). I understand your reaction because, after all, no one likes to be told their sick, twisted, depraved, rubbish, moronic, narrow, dumbed down, idiotic, boring, dull, and bloody awful in so many other ways mainstream culture is not, as we all believe, a natural state of affairs, but that it has actually been systematically corrupted by the very faceless mega corporations who now own and control most of it. It is doubly shocking to think they might actually do such a thing as intentionally corrupt the minds of the youth who they lovingly describe as their 'target market' and 'potential life long revenue stream'. Figuring out how absurd, obscene 'our' very own own and utterly familiar Western culture really is on the surface (and how inhumane and barbaric it is at its core) really can be extremely mind blowing. But in a funny sort of way the most mind blowing part is actually realizing you kind of already knew how depraved it all was anyway, but somehow you just accepted it all at face value as it was presented to you - glossy, happy, smiley, fun etc. Such is the overwhelming power of mass media generated consensus. For example we all know and accept at face value that most celebs 'act crazy' and 'go off the rails' and need rehab etc. And not only do we all know this, for millions of people around the world this actually makes up a significant amount of their 'celeb gossip entertainment quota'. Millions of people actually *enjoy* reading about these disturbing events as 'entertainment' ie exactly as it is presented to them by the corporate controlled media. Then someone like me comes along and reveals (with rather a lot of evidence, testimony etc) that many of them are actually suffering from DID/ MPD as a result of systematic sexual abuse stemming from early childhood. And yet I am the one who is called crazy. In this crazy, upside down world I guess I sort of am.... yeah the mental disorders and cries for help of childhood sex abuse victims trapped in a cult like world of showbiz and surrounded by their handlers IS just entertainment, what was I thinking, carry on enjoying your gossip folks - sorry! And so I do understand your difficulty understanding what I (and many others) are describing. It may all be absolutely common sense but it is still quite a 'large' subject with a lot of information to take in and consider (or reevaluate). It requires some actual research and proper thinking - and who's got time for any of that!? And of course because the corporate mainstream media has never made any programs about these subjects (just another coincidence, right!) a lot of what I am describing is new information or new concepts. That's *my* fault again I guess..... Let me try and break down some of this music biz 'conspiracy' stuff a little for you. For a start I never suggested that those working visibly within the music industry were (or were capable of) organizing any kind of 'global conspiracy'. These days 'conspiracy theory' is such a dumbed down concept anyway because most people think it refers to a single diabolically complex act when it is more like a combination of many, many interlocking processes, all of which operate quite happily (and 'innocently') on their own, yet are stable enough to work as part of a greater system. To imply, as you both seem to be, that the music business (and in terms of these high profile mainstream artists we are talking about just a handful of corporations here) is somehow incapable of operating in concert according to one basic agenda, (because that would be just too 'wacky' to contemplate, right?) demonstrates a total lack of understanding of how ANY organization works. Nearly all organizations are structured as compartmentalized hierarchical pyramids (banks, schools, charities, freemasons, the military, an opera house etc). Most people know very little about what the important, core agendas are (budgets, business strategies, new initiatives, future cuts, expansions or redundancies etc). Only those at the 'top of the pyramid' know this kind of stuff. Most employees generally just do what they are told and know only enough to get their job done. This is especially true for freelance producers, designers, engineers etc etc and anybody else who is working to contract/ commission - which accounts for a fair percentage of the music biz as well as the arts/ entertainment/ media industries as a whole. And this is how agendas can be carried out by those at the top with the majority having little if any clue what they are actually involved in, certainly not in any kind of 'big picture' sense. For example if you talk with any soldier - even a quite high ranking one - he is unlikely to be able to tell you much, if anything, about the strategy for the current war his military is engaged in, beyond what he needs to know to play his part in it - he is after all just doing his job and following orders, specific to him, which have trickled down from the very top of the pyramid of his organization - in this case the army. And yet despite this, even with 95% of the military with very little clue what is going on (and perhaps 75% with absolutely NO clue whatsoever) the entire military is still able to work in concert, to achieve specific military agendas, executing detailed strategies with absolute precision and cohesion. The military is perhaps an extreme example because their hierarchy is very formal and to even semi ritualistic, and yet all organization work pretty much the same way when it comes down to it. Or look at schools. How come the curriculum is the same in every school? And how come when it does change all the schools change together? Is *that* a conspiracy? Are the teachers (perhaps the head teachers!) working in some giant nationwide conspiracy? No of course not - it is another compartmentalized hierarchical pyramid structure. Schools answer to the regional education authority who answer to the national education department who answer to the .... ahem.... perhaps another time. And so you could say that all of these organizations, industries and institutions are by their very nature 'conspiracy friendly' by default... by design! It may well be that you are correct and there are no hidden agendas being carried out within the music industry (and entertainment industries in general), that all the documents, evidence and testimony suggesting there is an agenda are false and that for the first time in human history no one thought to use mass entertainment to manipulate the minds of the masses or perhaps they simply forgot all about this immensely powerful means of social control and never read any of the modern and ancient books written all about this very subject. It may well be that all the highly specific and totally incongruous themes and symbolism to be found in so many corporate mass entertainment music videos which I described in my last comment (and which you can verify for yourself) is all there purely by accident, by sheer coincidence. And maybe the fact that we can all actually *see* quite clearly the effects of some kind of cultural dumbing down and social disfunction throughout society is also all just a massive coincidence too, and such dumbing down of our culture and society is all happening for some other inexplicable and as yet undiscovered reason, but certainly not any deliberate agenda, despite all the evidence. It may well be that the the state of this corporate mass entertainment culture is entirely the result of a natural process, that this is the culture we all want - even though we all complain about how rubbish and dumbed down it is all the time - and that everything is exactly as we are told it is by the corporate controlled TV, newspapers and all other forms of mass media, even though they have been caught lying to us over and over and over again. Or perhaps there is some truth to what I - and many other people - are saying. Perhaps there's just a bit of a conspiracy in the world, you know, just a sprinkle, here and there! With a sprinkle of mass mind control for the grown ups... ..... and a sprinkle for the young people so they don't feel left out Hey, I just had an idea! Maybe if it was exposed and understood by the majority - simply by people switching off the telly and doing some research and engaging their brains for a change - things might actually start to improve in the world .... culturally, socially and no doubt in ways we can scarcely imagine.... But it's probably all nonsense ... I guess I should really 'get a life' and learn to 'relax' more..... by veging out in front of the TV I guess. Why not? Everyone else is. And no one else cares about these kinds of things. Well, not on the TV or in movies .... same thing really. It is the same thing isn't it? Yes of course it is! ... is it? Yes it is! Let's all keep accepting everything we are presented with by these giant interlocking mass media corporations without questioning any of it. That seems to be working out pretty well for the majority of humanity, right? I mean it's not doing children any harm to be emotionally, intellectually, socially, politically, spiritually educated, and in many ways brought up, by corporate mass entertainment, right? It's not our place to bring up our children is it! Is it?... maybe it is.... no it's corporations that are supposed to bring up children now! And it's people who think too hard and ask questions that are the problem in this Brave New World that we all now live in. Sorry I got confused. Therefore I withdraw everything and apologize for wasting so much of everyone's valuable shopping and mass entertainment time with my 'crazy conspiracy ranting'. How embarrassing. So just to recap: our only responsibility in life is to work hard, consume products, be mindlessly entertained by corporate trash and believe everything the corporate media tells us. As long as we all do that no one can control us and everything will be OK! And thinking is not relaxing, so don't even bother, just let your TV do all the thinking for you, that's what it was invented for after all. :)

You are right on the ball Pop Mum, you won't convince the sheeple though who are so brainwashed they suffer from cognitive dissonance put two fingers in their ears and sing la la la, Jessie J is really cool LOL. Jessie J is hardly going to bite the mouth that feeds her so does as she is told. No wonder they put they their satanic symbology and mind control symbols everwhere, the sheeple are so dumbed down they can't see what is right in front of their eyes.

Yes. All these sheeple are unaware that while they continue to live their glazed and anaethetised lives the New World Order is feeding them mind-control. I can no longer sit back and allow NWO infiltration, NWO indoctrination, NWO subversion and the international NWO conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids. I first became aware of it, during the physical act of love, a profound sense of fatigue... a feeling of emptiness followed. Luckily I... I was able to interpret these feelings correctly. Loss of essence. Those of us aware of the NWO, the Rothschild Conspiracy, the Templar and Freemasons; those of us who see the truth, we will prevail, in peace and freedom from fear, and in true health, through the purity and essence of our natural... fluids.

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