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Monroe, ITV1

Monroe, ITV1

James Nesbitt's know-all neurosurgeon finds House isn't at home

James Nesbitt (left), Sarah Parish and Tom Riley take a break between emergencies at St Matthew's hospital

James Nesbitt has always looked full of himself and too bumptious for comfort, so who better to play a smart-arse neurosurgeon who prides himself on his rock-steady hands and steely nerves? "What really matters is how well you handle losing," he bragged to his attending team of young doctors as they gathered round the latest sawn-open skull, delivering the line with the air of a riverboat gambler striking a match on the sole of his boot.

Behind Monroe's glib bravado lies a wasteland of emotional wreckage, like a shanty town blown apart by Hurricane Angst

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You are extraordinarily catty and rude. What a horribly written and snide review. I feel like I need a wash.

Bizarre, Ben. I found the piece entertaininly written and on the nail. Beats me how one can fail to knock down such a set of skittles.

I'm really looking forward to the whole series thought the first episode was a great introduction to the characters - slick, gritty and exciting...can't wait!

What is the music to Monroe please?

Admiral Fallow

What IS the music playing through the series, I find it very moving, who is it by and is it available as a recording to purchase,

its called "little shadow" by the yeah yeah yeahs (the acoustic version!

Is the theme tune the yeah yeah yeahs or just the music through it?

The music for Monroe is not the Yeah yeah yeahs it is by Dominik Sherrer and will be on release at the end of this month

I believe the theme music could be a track called The King Will Come, on a CD by Wishbone Ash, Called Argos.

i too think this review is distasteful. some guy prattling on liking the sound of his own voice, he doesn't particularly have a decent grasp of the English language...stick to thinking and leave it off the paper. give us the facts and let us make our own decision. and for the record being a fan of house they too must have a case of the week every week

Pot, kettle, Mr. 'Practice' - except that in my books the kettle is gold and the pot rather grubby. Don't know why this is causing such antipathy.

I would really like to know what the song is at the very end of episode 5 in series 1 (not the theme music), does anyone know?

What was the song played at the end of the very first episode?

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