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New releases on CD & DVD

Album: High Contrast - Notes From the Underground

Joe Muggs

Dance music has a notably different relationship to its past than other kinds of music. This has a real, material basis: because its core experience is that of the mixed DJ set, in principle nothing is ever the same twice, elements are constantly combined and recombined, so past and present are constantly churned together in new contexts.

Album: Nick Cave & Nicholas Lens - L.I.T.A.N.I.E.S.

Guy Oddy

The Covid pandemic has meant, with both performance and recording opportunities at a minimum, that many musicians have had to apply a bit of lateral thinking to keep their creative juices flowing.

Blu-ray: Goodbye, Dragon Inn

Daniel Baksi

In his exclusive half-hour-plus interview for distributor Second Run, the affable Tsai Ming-Liang makes a striking admission: “I make very...

Album: Sigur Rós - Odin's Raven Magic

Mark Kidel

Odin’s ravens Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) are the great Norse god’s messengers, at the heart of a myth that was borrowed in watered-down...

Blu-Ray: La Haine

Saskia Baron

The BFI has done an excellent job of giving La Haine the 4k restoration treatment under the vigilant eye of the film’s cinematographer,...

Album: Tankus the Henge - Luna Park!

Thomas H Green

Festival favourites' third album delivers an exuberant selection of stompers

Album: Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Joe Muggs

Miley's ever-shifting sound alights on a Big Eighties aesthetic

Album: Gary Barlow - Music Played By Humans

Barney Harsent

The Take That frontman's latest is a tiresome cue-call for spontaneous fun

Album: Billie Joe Armstrong - No Fun Mondays

Harry Thorfinn-George

The Green Day singer offers up his collection of lockdown cover versions

Blu-ray: Waxworks (1924)

Graham Fuller

The sum is more than the parts of Paul Leni's German Expressionist horror comedy

Album: BTS - Be

Peter Quinn

K-pop perfection from the South Korean septet

Blu-ray: Girlfriends

Saskia Baron

A pioneering comedy-drama about two young women trying to make it in 1970s New York

Album: Kitchman/Schmidt - As Long As Songbirds Sing

Liz Thomson

Talented musicians, but trying too hard

Album: Smashing Pumpkins – Cyr

Guy Oddy

Grunge veterans pump out a joyless dirge

Album: Kali Uchis - Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios) ∞

Thomas H Green

Rising Colombian-American star takes a likeable turn into beats-laden easy listening

Album: Charles Webster - Decision Time

Joe Muggs

An extraordinary comeback - and hopefully overdue recognition - for a British underground music legend

Blu-ray: The Painted Bird

Graham Rickson

Harrowing tale of wartime life on the margins

Album: Cabaret Voltaire - Shadow of Fear

Guy Oddy

Dark and disorientating electronica at its best

Album: AC/DC - Power Up

Russ Coffey

Veteran Aussie rockers rise, phoenix-like, to banish the 2020 blues

Album: Paloma Faith - Infinite Things

Isabella Gallagher

A re-versioning of the self into more serious, sombre realms

Album: Kruder & Dorfmeister - 1995

Thomas H Green

Horizontal herbal music from 1990s trip hop pairing is pleasantly zonked

DVD/Blu-ray: Breathless

Mark Kidel

Avant-garde with a sense of history

Album: Little Mix - Confetti

Thomas H Green

Sixth album from all-girl pop juggernaut breaks no new ground but has its moments

DVD/Blu-ray: The Ladykillers

Graham Rickson

The last great Ealing Comedy, in a pristine restored print

Album: Balothizer - Cretan Smash

Mark Kidel

Between rock and a roots place

Album: Kylie - DISCO

Lisa-Marie Ferla

Much-needed escapism from Australia's finest export

Album: Dame Shirley Bassey - I Owe It All to You

Guy Oddy

The musical monolith bows out

DVD/Blu-ray: Dementia

Graham Fuller

A short, sharp, sick Hollywood horror noir

CD: Cunning Folk - A Casual Invocation

Tim Cumming

Thrilling album of spells, hexes and the great god Pan


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Album: High Contrast - Notes From the Underground

Dance music has a notably different relationship to its past than other kinds of music. This has a real, material basis: because its core...

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Album: Nick Cave & Nicholas Lens - L.I.T.A.N.I.E.S.

The Covid pandemic has meant, with both performance and recording opportunities at a minimum, that many musicians have had to apply a bit of...

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