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RIP Trish Keenan of Broadcast | reviews, news & interviews

RIP Trish Keenan of Broadcast

RIP Trish Keenan of Broadcast

A short appreciation of a sadly missed talent

Trish Keenan of Broadcast who died this morning

I'm absolutely horrified to hear of the death this morning from pneumonia, following a swine-flu infection, of Trish Keenan of the band Broadcast. I had only ever spoken to her on the telephone, but many friends knew her well and she was one of those rare people in music who was universally liked and admired by all who met her. Far more than just a singer and frontwoman, Keenan, 42, was a visionary artist: from their beginnings in the Birmingham alternative scene, she and her partner James Cargill, who always formed the core of the band, always blended art and life, and created a beautiful totality of sound, vision and mythos which made them stand utterly apart from all their contempories - although they were renowned for the support and creative encouragement they gave to all those around them.


This is a huge loss to British music and truly a heartbreaking news. My deepest condolences...

very sad news indeed - tragic. Trish provided much joy to a lot of people & will continue to do so through her music but that is little comfort to those close to her. I hope they find a way through this time.

RIP What a horrible loss. She will be missed

In Trish we lose not only one of the most beautiful voices and human beings, but we also lose one of the only remaining visionary artists. Broadcast existed out of time and out of place ... they never followed trends or were about "selling", they were true artists in the old fashioned meaning of the word. In a world full of ugliness they provided a glimpse of much needed beauty ... I am so upset about the tragid loss of Trish that I can hardly breathe ... I keep wishing this terrible news to go away and not be real ... Our thoughts must go out to James and her family ... Trish will live on in our hearts forever ! "... though you said goodbye, you did not leave my mind ..."

so sad, so sorry for james and family. my heartfelt condolences.

sad news, truly. here's a couple of live sets at

Thanks so much for posting that mixtape.

I still can't quite believe this sad sad news, just through her beautiful lyrics and voice i feel like i've lost a friend.

Trish was beautiful in every way. Such a bright star.

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